General conditions -Provision of services:

The conditions stipulated below are supposed to be accepted by the customer by the mere fact of the signature of the quote / contract, a reservation, the acceptance of the invoice, or ticking a box dedicated to that ...

Contrary agreements will be evidenced in writing, regardless of the amount.

ChronoNavette acts as an agent for transfer providers (ie, third-party transportation companies and taxi services). ChronoNavette offers the search and reservation of transfers on its website. ChronoNavette works with a local operator. The contract for the provision of transport services is concluded between you and the supplier.

  1. Order, delivery and transfer
    1. A transfer is the movement of one or more passengers from one place to another.
    2. The cost of the transfer depends on the type of vehicle and the distance between two locations. The price does not depend on the address within the city limits. The prices are invoiced on the basis of the rates established by ChronoNavette.
    3. The transfer is made with a vehicle that corresponds to the number of passengers and Luggage.
    4. The place of departure and destination must have a particular address (eg airport, seaport, railway station, bus station or any other specific address within the city limits).
    5. The place of departure and destination must have a particular address (eg airport, seaport, railway station, bus station or any other specific address within the city limits).
    6. Sous réserve des assurances légalement obligatoires pour l’entreprise, le transport des personnes et des biens ou documents se fait aux risques et périls du client.
    7. In the event of delivery of goods or documents, the responsibility of the company ceases as soon as these arrive at their destination.
  2. Booking
  3. To make a reservation, you must complete all the required fields on the online booking form. You must enter your information using Latin characters.

    1. Type or choose a city or airport as a pick-up and drop-off location.
    2. Select the right number of passengers. Please note that all children (regardless of age) are counted as passengers and must have an individual seat.
    3. Enter your trip details: address, flight number (or your bus, train, boat information) as well as your contact details. Make sure that the mobile phone number you entered is correct and that the phone will be with you at the time of arrival.
    4. If necessary, please define the number of additional stops needed and complete the full address for each one. Please note that for each stop, a surcharge of, at least, € 10.00 will be added to the base price on our website.
    5. In order to confirm the reservation, ChronoNavette sends you a confirmation email. If you have not received this email within 2 hours of submitting your booking, please check your spam box and then our service.
    6. In order to confirm the reservation, ChronoNavette sends you a confirmation email. If you have not received this email within 2 hours of submitting your booking, please check your spam box and then our service.
    7. ChronoNavette can accept or refuse orders received.
    8. Acceptance will be presumed in favor of ChronoNavette.
    9. The customer will prove acceptance or refusal in writing.
    10. In the event that the parties have agreed to the payment of a deposit, the order will not become final until ChronoNavette receives the deposit.
    11. Similarly, in the event that the customer has agreed to deliver documents or goods to ChronoNavette, the order will not become final until they have been received.
  4. Changes and cancellation policies.
    1. All orders must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the start of the transfer. To cancel an order, the customer must send an e-mail to our service with the details of the order (order number and reason for cancellation) or follow the cancellation link in the order confirmation e-mail if there is one.
    2. Any changes (such as date and time of transfer, destination, etc.) must be made no later than 24 hours before the start of the transfer.
    3. The customer must inform the customer support of the changes made 24 hours before the transfer by e-mail by sending a message to our service. The changes take effect as soon as they have been confirmed by a customer service representative.
    4. In case of emergency change (less than 24 hours before the start of the transfer), the customer must inform our service. Our team will evaluate whether there is a possibility to accept the change or not, free of charge or with a potential supplement.
  5. Meeting with the driver
    1. The driver must meet the customer at the pickup location at the time indicated at the end of the booking process (on your computer screen). The driver will hold a table with the customer's name (as stated in the reservation) on it.
    2. Your driver will wait for you following the following rules:
      • Hotel, private address or public place: 15 min.
      • Airport: 45 min. after the official landing time of the flight.
      • If, within this period, the customer and his driver do not meet, the order will be considered as a no-show.
    3. The driver may want to contact the customer by mobile phone prior to departure to arrange the meeting.
    4. If, for any reason, the driver can not take the customer on time, he must inform the customer in advance.
    5. The customer must wait for the driver at the meeting point at the time indicated in the reservation.
    6. For any problem, please contact our hotline (see this number on our website)
    7. If the driver does not show up at the pick-up point at the time indicated in the reservation within 15 to 20 minutes, the transfer will be considered canceled. In order to receive potential compensation, the customer must prove that he was waiting for his driver at the time and place indicated in the booking. A picture of the table showing the current time and date will serve as acceptable evidence. The customer must send an e-mail with all the details to our service For more information, contact our customer service.
  6. Luggage
    1. The number of checked Luggage matches the standards of the flight company. If there is excess Luggage, it is the customer's duty to inform ChronoNavette customer service.
    2. The number of checked Luggage matches the standards of the flight company. If there is excess Luggage, it is the customer's duty to inform ChronoNavette customer service.
    3. If you have extra large items with you, it is your responsibility to inform ChronoNavette customer service in advance by e-mail.
    4. Animals are welcome. They must travel in a cage, appropriate, clean, friendly and reported by e-mail to ChronoNavette, at least 48 hours prior to the date and time of care defined in the reservation. If the customer has not informed ChronoNavette that he would like to travel with animals, the driver may refuse to operate the mission and it will be considered canceled and must be paid.
    5. The luggage remains in the custody of the person transported.
  7. Prices and payment options
    1. Payment must be done like this:
      1. For the reader: in cash or electronic payment on board our vehicles (subject to the availability of the payment terminal).
      2. In advance: by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB), Bancontact / Mister Cash, PayPal, AliPay, Apple Pay, EPS, GiroPay, Pay, iDEAL, SEFORT, P24, WeChat Pay ( to prepay a reservation, please do so easily via our website or contact our service)
      3. Bank transfer.
      4. Bill.
      5. Some destinations require full payment in advance.
    2. All payments must be made in Euros (€).
    3. ChronoNavette is entitled to ask to prepay a reservation, depending on the booking parameters and / or customer statistics. If the customer does not agree to prepay the reservation as required by ChronoNavette, the booking will be canceled without any advice.
    4. Prices in our rates include VAT.
      1. For transport services, prices also include driver service, fuel and legal insurance.
      2. Tolls, parking fees, meals and possible accommodation for the driver are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stipulated in the quote.
      3. The possible meals and accommodation expenses of the persons transported are the responsibility of the customer.
  8. Restrictions
    1. It is forbidden to smoke and drink in the vehicle. In case of violation, the driver has the right to stop the car and ask you to leave.
    2. The number of passengers may not exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle. The transport of additional passengers is not allowed. In this case, the driver has the right to refuse the service. If so, no deposit will be refunded.
    3. Drivers are required to comply with the Highway Code in force in the country or countries crossed. Under no circumstances will the customer be able to require the client to violate these rules, even if this entails any delays or additional costs for the customer.
  9. Flight delay
    1. Your mobile phone (linked to the phone number of your coupon / purchase order / travel order / chauffeur-driven car rental contract) must be on when you arrive, as your driver may want to contact you.
    2. In case of flight delay, the customer must contact ChronoNavette and report the delay. Most drivers are aware of the changes as monitoring delays. However, a flight delay may result in the cancellation of your transfer. In this case, ChronoNavette will call you to inform you.
    3. Please note that we can provide you with the transfer for a reasonable delay of the flight, depending on the situation and the daily schedule.

  10. Cancellations made by the manager
  11. An order can be canceled by the manager for one of the following reasons:

    1. The number of passengers exceeds the capacity of the vehicle.
    2. The customer has failed to provide the correct travel details (flight, itinerary, dates).
    3. The customer did not provide the correct contact information.
    4. The customer refused to operate the processes required by ChronoNavette.
    5. The customer will be informed of the cancellation in advance by e-mail.
    6. ChronoNavette reserves the right to cancel a service if the weather conditions do not allow to provide the service in optimal safety conditions (snow, ice ...). In this case, the customer will have the choice to postpone the service to a later date.
    7. ChronoNavette and your driver can not be held responsible for delays, changes or cancellations due to force majeure, other unforeseen circumstances or beyond the control of your driver.
  12. Website
    1. Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of websites are protected by national and international regulations governing intellectual property.
    2. Pictures of the transport options indicated during the booking are only indicative. The color, make or model may differ from the images shown.
  13. Complaints
    1. Any claim must reach the company, on pain of forfeiture, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, within 15 days of the date of the service, or within 15 days from the date of receipt of the invoice.
    2. The customer is not authorized to suspend the payment before ChronoNavette recognizes the validity of his claim.
  14. Various
  15. If one or more clauses of this general agreement are inapplicable, for some reason, the other clauses remain nevertheless valid.

  16. Skill
    1. In case of dispute, and whatever the cause, the courts of the district of Brussels and the canton of Schaerbeek have sole jurisdiction, even in the event of an appeal in warranty, of lis pendens and of connectedness. ChronoNavette will however have the faculty to waive this provision.
    2. The applicable law is Belgian law, excluding international conventions. However, when the contract is concluded with a consumer, the common law remains applicable.
  17. Subcontractor, supplier, or partner (SSP)
  18. The conditions stipulated below and above are supposed to be accepted by the SSP by the mere fact of the signing of a contract, the acceptance of a reservation (via any type of communication or technical support), registration on our site or app, creating a driver account, contacting our customers, or ticking a box dedicated to that ...

    1. Nature of the benefits:
      1. ChronoNavette acts as an agent for SSP / Transfer Providers (ie, third-party transportation companies and taxi services). ChronoNavette offers the search and reservation of transfers on its website. ChronoNavette works with a local operator. The contract for the provision of transport services is concluded between the end customer and the supplier / SSP.
      2. -ChronoNavette may hire the SSP as a self-employed person in order to provide paid transport services for persons (car rental with driver, VIP driver rental, Taxi, CT, ...) for temporary assignments; and that the subcontractor wishes to provide the services (as defined in the general conditions as well as the subcontract, which replaces and cancels any other agreement) in accordance with the European laws and regulations, Belgian, and the decrees of each region who supervises the paid transportation service of people.

      3. The SSP undertakes on its honor to fulfill all the obligations related to the sector of the transport of persons and to the different rights of the businesses in the broad sense, in particular with the legislation of the transport, with the social legislations (social contributions, NSSO, etc.) , tax and undertakes to provide a certificate of compliance in case of request. All these laws will be scrupulously respected and the responsibility of ChronoNavette will in no case be engaged in case of breach of these regulations. The SSP declares on its honor that he or his collaborators are not in the conditions of exclusions (criminal conviction) of Directive 2014/24 / EU. Namely and in particular a conviction or a related breach: Child labor and other forms of human trafficking, environmental, social and labor law, terrorist offenses or related to terrorist activities, money laundering or financing of terrorism, participation in a criminal organization, corruption, violence, fraud ...
      4. The SSP undertakes to provide accurate and correct information, and undertakes to establish them in full knowledge of the consequences of any misrepresentation. He undertakes to send us as soon as possible any relevant changes in his situation, his staff and his vehicles.
    2. Pricing: The price of an individual race is fixed according to the following tariff: see our site, the mobile application, the contract, or the order form.
    3. Duration: The client agrees to use one or more vehicles. He is informed and accepts the tariff as well as the minimum duration imposed by the regulation for each type of transport and in each region, and for each type of authorization, in accordance with the European laws, Belgian, as well as the decrees of each region.

    4. SSP commitments: The SSP undertakes to know and respect:
    5. - the standards of quality, and in particular at the level of the work uniform (a black suit, white shirt, black leather shoes, and tie and a billboard or sign in the color of ChronoNavette or others if specified and entrusted previously).

      - The entrusted services can not under any circumstances be outsourced to a third party without the written agreement of ChronoNavette. In the same way only drivers who have been presented by ChronoNavette can perform the services.

    6. Cancellation, Payment and Billing Conditions:
      1. The price of a race is payable only after receipt by the end customer of the corresponding invoice.
      2. The subcontractor receives a statement of his services.
      3. In case of cancellation 1 hour before the service, the (s) service (s) can not (be) charged (s)!
      4. In case of non-presentation of the customer, the (s) service (s) can (wind) be invoiced (s) if it is a prepayment, or to invoice; in the case of a payment on board, or cash the service (s) can not (be) charged (s), and all the charges will be for the SSP; the responsibility of ChronoNavette can not in any case be committed, and consequently no request for payment / refund will be granted. Proof of the customer's non-presentation must be provided by the SSP. The waiting time of a customer is as defined in point 4.2 of the general conditions, after this waiting period the SSP must contact the dispatche before leaving the place of the support.
      5. The service sheets or, failing this, the details of the services must imperatively and immediately be transmitted by the SSP to ChronoNavette at the end of his service by e-mail to the following address:
      6. A defect or a failure will cause a delay in the treatment of the invoice and consequently a delay in their payment.
      7. Without the specific written agreement of ChronoNavette (example for a given delegation), the normal payment period is 60 days invoice dates.
    7. Confidential information:
      1. 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' means the exclusive information of ChronoNavette and its partners, customer data, technical data, trade secrets or know-how, including, but not limited to, prices and methodologies of calculation, research, products, services, customer lists, markets, software, developments, inventions, ...
      2. The SSP agrees, during and after our collaboration, to maintain the strictest confidentiality and not to use, or to disclose to any person, firm or corporation without the prior written permission of ChronoNavette any confidential information. Processes, formulas, technology, drawings, engineering, marketing, finance or any other commercial information disclosed directly or indirectly to the SSP.
      3. Client disbursement: The SSP explicitly undertakes not to approach ChronoNavette customers, nor to provide them with personal or driver transportation services, either directly or indirectly. Any attempt to poach ChronoNavette's clientele is strictly prohibited at the risk of the contractual relationship being terminated immediately and subject to prosecution.
    8. The SSP undertakes to be permanently covered by the appropriate insurance (RC company, Vehicle insurance, Fleet insurance, Luggage insurance ...)
    9. General Data Protection Regulation: We inform all SSP that the personal information you transmit to us may be transmitted to the national and international control and security authorities to validate your authorization to work for them through ChronoNavette. On simple written request, a copy of these can be transmitted to you or even destroyed in case of end of collaboration and as long as another legal imposition does not prohibit us ...
    10. Transfer Service Requirements: In addition to the transfer service requirements specified in the Acts and in our terms and conditions:
      • The SSP guarantees that all drivers will represent ChronoNavette in a professional manner. This includes a clean car, not smoking in cars, no phone calls by hand or unnecessary during the ride, and full compliance with the rules of the road, as well as other industry standards.
      • The SSP ensures that all drivers arrive no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. ChronoNavette does not accept any delay (1st delay: 15min delay = penalty of 50% of the race price, + 15min delay = 100% penalty of the race price, 2nd delay = penalty as described for the 1st delay + the end of our collaboration)
      • Races conducted under this partnership will more often than not include children and babies as passengers. ChronoNavette will clearly indicate the amount of baby seats and extra seats needed for transfers. The SSP is obliged to comply with the demand of these seats of baby and of supplements.
      • ChronoNavette will specify a meeting point at the airport / station for all races. Drivers should meet all customers at the specified meeting point unless otherwise agreed between the customer and the driver.
      • No shared trip is permitted unless otherwise agreed or purely organized by ChronoNavette.
    11. Indemnity: In all actions permitted by law, the SSP must defend, indemnify and exempt ChronoNavette, its officers, employees, current and former trustees, agents and representatives from all claims, claims, damages and liabilities. , Expenses, Losses from all sources and of all kinds, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees and costs (collectively, 'claims') arising from intentional or negligent acts or omissions by the other party , its agents, employees, subcontractors and consultants, or the failure of the other party to render the services in accordance with our terms and conditions, even if ChronoNavette is presumed or considered partially negligent.

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