By opting for the CO2 neutrality, ChronoNavette chooses to assume its share of responsibility for the real impact of its CO2 emissions rather than transferring it to society and to future generations.

AN INNOVATIVE NEUTRAL CO2 PROCESS in the paid passenger transport sector and in the car rental sector with drivers.

ChronoNavette is committed to sustainable development, which is why our company has developed a real environmental strategy through actions such as specific training for the eco-driving of its drivers or the development of a training policy. selection of ever more fuel-efficient vehicles, aimed at reducing both pollutant emissions from vehicles (Euro standard) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

To face the challenge of climate change and to meet Belgium's commitments to reduce GHG emissions, our company is committed to adopt measures concerning both the organization of transport and vehicle technology (vehicle, fuel, driver , flow organization and management) to achieve a global goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

Aware of CO2 emissions from all transport in the European Union and in the world, as well as of our responsibility towards future generations and before the 'climate emergency, our commitment makes it possible to reduce the CO2 emissions from our vehicles.

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